90's are back, baby.

As I have been walking around campus and shopping online I have seemed to notice a little trend forming. 

Throwback to the 90's. 

Have you guys been noticing it too? 

The choker necklaces. 

The overalls. 

High-wasted shorts. 

The half-up high pony's. 

Those weird high neck cami's.

Destroyed denim. 

Platform shoes. 

Brown lipstick.

Furbies (I wish).

This fad had taken campuses, sorority girls, and the Kardashians by storm.

And honestly I have fallen victim to the super cute half-up pony's (I know, I know, so basic) but I'm honestly not sure about the other trends from the 90's. 

What do you think of the throwback fad? 



Hello lovlies! 

I don't know about you but lately I have really been diggin' some Michael Kors. 

Literally he is the best. Whether it's his purses, gowns, clothing, watches, phone cases, whatever. 

So classy. So fabulous. So horrible for my bank account. 

Who is your favorite designer? 




Hello lovelies! 

Since I finally have a break from school I get the chance to go on vacation. With vacation coming up I have really tried to figure out what I will need to take to the beach. While surfing the web, looking for inspiration, I have found some wonderful ideas and I figured you guys would enjoy them too. 

Here are some of my beach necessities. 

You are going to need a big, floppy, CUTE hat to protect your face from those sun rays. 

If you plan to go into the water and surf, boogie board, etc, you are going to want a rash guard, trust me. Simons has a great selection of cute rash guards FYI. 

You need yourself a beach bag to keep all of your goodies in one place! 

Of course you are going to need a super cute swimming suit to show off. 

Sunscreen to keep your beautiful skin beautiful even longer. 

Some sunglasses because you will be blind if you plan to stay out on the beach all day without them. Plus they are cute, so why not?

What are your beach necessities?