formal men.

Recently by boyfriend was asked to be in a wedding, and with that comes buying some new formal wear. With that I decided I would show you guys some of the formal mens styles that I am loving. 

Check out some of these dapper styles from Formal Tailor.

What is your favorite mens style?



Brrr! It's cold! Hope all of you are staying warm. 

We obviously know that short-weather won't be here for a long time, but while it's so cold let's take advantage of jean weather!

I love jeans, whether they are light wash, acid, dark wash, jeggings, torn, ect. They are so versatile and work with every look.

From American Eagle, to Buckle, to Simon's, jeans are everywhere - and they look WONDERFUL on everyone. 

What is your favorite "jean" look?



sweet extensions review.

We all love long, beautiful hair, right? Well - check out these new extensions that I found! 

These extensions are called Sweet Extensions. 

They are 20 inches of long, thick, healthy, remy hair. 

Let me tell you, they are beautiful! 

Since my hair is ombre'd I thought that it would be hard to match, but I just sent Sara (the owner of the company) a picture of my hair and she matched them up perfectly! 

As you can see I am in love with them! 

If you are interested, make sure to check out Sweet Extensions as well as with Sara's youtube!

Happy holiday's lovelies!